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Life Skills

"As a teacher of speech arts, I appreciate it when the student can show the results of his deep artistic implications at the end of the course. The explicit skills of artistic speaking, public address, research, and vocal clarity all affect and improve personal communication skills, and these improvements are for life." read more »
Natalia Vasiluk
Welcome to the World of Fairy Tales Productions!

Our Acting School is offering a variety of programs for different age groups.  Our very little kids 5-6 years old are learning Artistic Development Skills, then they can continue with the Speech Arts and Drama group 6-8 years old and follow all the programs until age 18.  We are very proud of those who can get an extra 4 credits towards your High School Diploma for the “Speech Arts and Drama” course. 

Our Mission is to find, create and develop any potential talent in your child for his/her future acknowledgment.

You will be satisfied and happy with your child's education in our Acting School, because our teachers/instructors are possessing University Degrees from all over the world and well recognized in Europe, Asia and Canada.

We invite you to join not just our Acting Studio; you are welcome to our Chess Club and many other related disciplines.

We create Performances, Exhibitions and Concerts for the open public.  Our students and teachers participate in Festivals, City Events, National Competitions and Examinations.

It can be your chance too! 
Special Acting Classes For Kids !
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