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Acting Is Feeling Good About Yourself
International School of
Speech, Art & Drama
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Daycare Program - Acting Classes

Classes for 3-4 years old and 4-5 years old

Each lesson is 45 min long, once a week.
The group can be no more than 8 kids.

There are varieties of games and exercises, which help your children to feel confident and proud of themselves:

Listen to the story.  Play the game of this story, using puppets.
Have fun with the theatre club: listen and tell, mirror, find the subject, concentrate on one thing.
Learn simple rhythmical exercise.  Use musical instruments, as an orchestra.  “Freeze” game.
Try to explain “what did you see” today and show it in characters, benefit from what we learned during this time.
Character, as I see it.  Prepare your body and voice for the benefit of the character.  Show different animals.
Listen the song.  Play the contest of the song.
Learn the secret of the puppets.  Make a puppet show.
We can start our 12 session program at any time Mon - Fri and any month Sept - June.

All our teachers/instructors are professionally trained and experienced.  Our teacher will come to your daycare with all supplies and props.

The cost for the 12 session program is $100.00 per child. 
“Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life time”
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