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The World of Fairy Tales
Acting Is Feeling Good About Yourself
International School of
Speech, Art & Drama
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Drama Therapy for Adults and Seniors
(strictly confidential)

Course Description: DRAMA THERAPY (A) explores your dreams, memories, and dynamics of your character in acting.  Realize and act out your fears and separate them from your mind using emotional technique of drama theatre.  Recall your childhood, forgive your parents and allow yourself to a warm, beautiful and safe place.  Reduce your consciousness by practicing psychoanalysis of your past.  Articulate your desires and change yourself as you desire. 

Course Description:  DRAMA THERAPY (B) interprets your dreams, preconscious and frustration, through re-enactment.  Control your thoughts, your desires and expectations for your future.  Allow yourself a deep meditation into your past with recognition of your fear.  Enjoy the resistance of traumatic quality from some events in your life by realizing the objectives and playing the new role.   Discover your ego, conflicts and present complexes.  Imagine to live in harmony with your dreams and yourself. 

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