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Acting Is Feeling Good About Yourself
Natalia Vasiluk
Artistic Director
Teacher of Speech Arts
International School of
Speech, Art & Drama
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Life Skills

“Speech arts” is “speech” or “arts”?  What does this combination of words mean?

You would be surprised to find out that it starts from your physical appearance and includes all other components of your body.  You have to control your voice and manage your hands and arms and be ready for natural gestures linked to the context of the discussion.  You have to avoid all unnecessary movements and maintain eye contact during the discussion.

The most important aspect is your voice quality.  You have to speak with energy and clarity.  It would be good if you could adjust the volume according to the demands of the situation.  And at the same time you have to think, formulate and articulate your speech.  This is a big challenge, or even stress for those who don’t know this basic technique.

For some people it's very easy.  We call these people natural actors.  But for the not so lucky, I'll tell a few secrets.  One of them is this: think only about the subject of your speech. And breathe. But the most valuable secret is, speak slowly.

When you are young and ambitions, of course, you can receive impressive results that will affect your future.  The results are important for everybody; but even if it's only your own small achievement - go for it. It is hard to believe that your life can be changed completely as soon as your speech becomes an art, but it’s true.

As a teacher of speech arts, I appreciate it when the student can show the results of his deep artistic implications at the end of the course. The explicit skills of artistic speaking, public address, research, and vocal clarity all affect and improve personal communication skills, and these improvements are for life.

Mission: To prepare youth for easy future, to achieve all necessary life skills - we teach acting from childhood.

Natalia Vasiluk

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