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The World of Fairy Tales
Acting Is Feeling Good About Yourself
International School of
Speech, Art & Drama
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Speech Arts and Drama

Based on Stanislavsky’s system
(Ages 8 to 12)

Preparation for RCM examinations

This program is include, but not limited to basic Speech Arts and Drama skills.  During those few hours in a week children will learn how to make your voice stay in a position, how to appear on public and enjoy yourself, how to feel confident in your movements and a lot of other secrets, that makes our life much easier.
Designed by KORO
To increase bonding and communication
To explore body awareness
To develop social skills
To reach the maximum level of your voice ability
Find out how to feel confident in front of your peers and audience 
Learn to make fun with specific acting skills and warm up exercises 
Discover the power of your voice and body movement 
Artistically present yourself in front of the public in a fairy tale in every three months