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The World of Fairy Tales
Acting Is Feeling Good About Yourself
International School of
Speech, Art & Drama
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Young Stars
Based on Stanislavsky's System

Classes for 14 years old & up
Intensive 9 month program for future actors
" Acting Is Feeling Good About Yourself " 
Theatre / Movie Acting and Theory
Vocal / Dance / Movement
Meeting with professional actors and directors
Workshops with talent agencies representatives
Demo preparation
Audition techniques, including make up secrets or the easiest way to get your part
Designed by KORO
If you devote your life to acting - prepare to work hard. 
You can achieve any level and any part, anything what you want, if you believe in yourself and work on yourself nonstop! 
We will tell you all the secrets how to get an agent, professional headshots and resume. 
We will help you a lot, but its your call to invest in yourself. 
This program will give you a taste of what it takes to be a professional actor.  We start with text analysis, breaking down the script, and preparing your work. 
We film your work from the beginning and at the end of the course.  
Step by step we teach you till your level will become an advanced. 
During the course you might get an agent and work as well, but we encourage you to finish this program and receive every single skill for your future success.
Welcome aboard!